FitRhythms designed by Paulo Mattioli, facilitated by Tahya
No experience necessary ~
just a willingness to share your creative spirit! 

New monthly program starts Thurs. Feb 1, 2018
||  Free to cancer survivors and care partners || 

This program combines playing hand-held percussion instruments
with your own natural movement!
No steps or routines to learn, simply a facilitator at the helm guiding you in the fun! 
Grab a tambourine, drum or maraca, and if you can move and tap,
or shake a percussive instrument, you can participate! 

Open to women, men, couples who are interested in improving health and wellness
with music, rhythm & movement!

Instruments provided.

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* * *
PAULO MATTIOLI (1956-2011), a world famous African drummer, musician,
teacher and a designer of Djembe drums,

dedicated his life to building health, wellness, and community through his talents
as a world percussionist, recording artist, performer, educator, author, producer, and facilitator.

I was blessed to call Paulo a dear, dear friend.  He was a magnificient teacher & collaborator*
*In fact, we co-recorded a relaxing, healing, therapeutic CD entitled Rainbow
combining Paulo's talents on the percussive tracks and narration by yours truly.
For more info on that CD, click here

Paulo Mattioli in our hearts forEVER!